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FAQ: Guidance in the context of COVID-19

The Agency of Family Law is following the recommendations of the Danish Prime Minister’s Office. We are therefore not conducting meetings with citizens at the moment in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). Meanwhile you can find help and guidance on our website. Please visit our FAQ below.

Updated 30 March at 13.56 pm.

The family law legislation still applies to all cases regardless of the current situation. However we recommend that all families follow the recommendations from the Prime Minister’s Office and from the Danish Health Authority. Please follow the developments on coronasmitte.dk

Even though we are at the moment not carrying out meetings, we are still proceeding with the handling of the cases in every way possible. We are processing cases in writing when possible, and we also continue to prepare cases for the family courts to decide.

We are still receiving applications for visitation rights, residence and custody, and every application will be assessed.

Cases with an urgent risk for a child’s safety, well-being and development, will be prioritized and processed quickly, either on a written basis or by telephone. In these cases The Agency of Family Law can make temporary decisions as well as less intrusive decisions about the child.

Please find questions and answers to specific subjects immediate below.