Naming/Name change

When a child is to be named for the first time, the child may either be christened or named. No fee is payable for christening or naming.

Name change

A name change means changing an existing name.

Changing a name costs DKK 505 (2020). This fee also applies if you wish to delete a name or wish to assume a name that you have previously had.

This fee is adjusted every year on 1st January. The fee must be paid no later than with the application.

If you wish to apply for naming or changing a name, you should use the digital solution at Your application will be processed by the parish in which you live (your parish of residence).

If you have questions about naming or changing a name, please contact your parish of residence. If your birth was registered in Southern Jutland, please contact your local authority.

When is a fee not payable?

Changing a name is free in certain cases:

  1. On marriage when the spouses wish to use the same name (e.g. when one spouse wishes to take the other spouse’s surname). This requires that you apply within three months of the wedding.
  2. If a child under the age of 18 changes his/her name as a result of one of the parents changing his/her name.

How your application is processed

Your parish/local authority will review your application and assess whether the requirements for the requested naming or name change have been met.

In some cases, your application will need to be processed by the Agency of Family Law. If so, the parish/local authority will forward your application to the Agency of Family Law. Your parish/local authority will notify you if your application has been forwarded to the Agency of Family Law.

Multiple names on the same application

It is possible to apply for multiple names on the same application.

For example, you may apply to change your first name, middle name and surname on the same application form and only pay one fee.

You may also state alternative names in your application (or on another sheet of paper) and in that way avoid having to reapply if the application for your preferred name is rejected.

Any list of requested names should be stated in order of priority.

If only part of your application can be granted, your name will usually be changed to the name that can be accepted.


Children above the age of 12 must sign the name change application themselves.

For children under the age of 12, the authority must obtain information on the child’s attitude to the name change. This information must be obtained in a way that is suitable for the maturity of the child and the circumstances of the case. The authority may invite the child to attend a meeting about the application.

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