The Agen­cy of Fa­mily Law


Issues with certificates of marital status and SMS login in the US

Citizens residing in North America are currently experiencing issues receiving text messages for SMS login when applying for a certificate of marital status.

We are experiencing irregularities in the delivery of text messages to the US and North America in particular.

If you have completed the self-service application form to apply for a certificate of marital status from your place of residence in the US and do not receive a text message within 1 hour, please try submitting the application again.

If you have not received a text message after two or more attempts, please contact us by email:

We apologize for the situation and we are working to fix the error, but unfortunately, we cannot yet say for sure when the error will be resolved.

New practice for documentation for visitation regarding child and youth benefits

It is no longer possible to document visitation through decisions made by the Agency of Family Law, if the decision has solely been made to document visitation. Read the news here.