The Agency of Family Law, International Marriages is closed – but we are still working

Measures implemented in relation to COVID-19: The Agency of Family Law is following the recommendation of the Ministry of the State to minimize all public activity as much as possible in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 (the corona virus). This means that our office is closed and that all meetings with citizens are canceled until further notice from today, Thursday, March 12. However, it is still possible to apply for a certificate to get married in Denmark.

Updated April 7th 2020.

Special notice regarding Marital Status Certificates (Prøvelsesattester)

A certificate of marital status is valid for a maximum of 4 months from the date of issue. The validity period of the certificate may in certain circumstances be shortened if the legal stay is shorter than 4 months (i.e. visa).

If you do not marry within this period, the certificate will lapse and you will have to re-apply. When applying for a new certificate of marital status, you must re-submit all the documents and pay a new administration fee.

Unfortunately, we do not have the option to extend the certificate of marital status beyond the stated validity period.

However when issuing a certificate of marital status in the current situation, we will inform you, that you may have the opportunity to have a new certificate issued due to COVID-19. If, when issuing a certificate of marital status, we find that the validity of the certificate will be 2 months or less, we will contact you.

A new certificate can be issued without a new administration fee.

Your application can be reopened if your certificate has expired without you have been able to get married within the validity period of the certificate due to the entry restrictions in Denmark or other restrictions in Denmark as a result of COVID-19. When/ or if your certificate has expired, please contact the Agency of Family Law.

In these situations you will be issued a new certificate, without paying a new administration fee.

Please note, that the certificate can only be renewed when it has expired.

During the current situation, we recommend that you stay up to date on possible travel restrictions for Denmark and/or your country of residence, as well as any other special restrictions in Denmark, including the closure of public offices in relation to COVID-19.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

All cancelled appointments will be re-scheduled

The Agency of Family Law will ensure that citizens whose meetings have been canceled will be given the first available appointment once we re-open for meetings.

The Agency of Family Law follows the ongoing recommendations of the Danish government and health authorities which is why we cannot currently say when we will be open for meetings again.